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 Known for his eccentric vision and passion for hair, Gjoko is a world renowned hair stylist who has for over 30 years been an influential figure of talent and technique.


Gjoko began his career by spreading his technique and fashion sense as a platform artist. He has won several competitions and has been awarded for his platform artistry all over the world. He has also had a successful show Man of Vision air on television for 15 years. Gjoko's work has been recognized in countless fashion and hair magazines, as well as being acknowledged for his success in the novel "Too Big to Fail". 


Gjoko maintains an active role at his Larchmont, New York salon and as a member of Intercoiffure, the worlds leading elite beauty organization. Although Gjoko works with many supermodels and famous photographers, his favorite role yet is in the salon with his customers. He considers his everyday clients his "movie stars". To him they are equally as important as any celebrity. 


It is easy to admire Gjoko for his skill and his special touch at making women look and feel beautiful. But he is truly adored for his humbleness and affection for every client who sits in his chair.

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